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Our Pledge to a Sustainable Future

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Leading the Charge in Green Energy Solutions

1.5C Pty Ltd, leading the way in green energy solutions, is a company that provides optimal designs and solutions for 1) renewable energy site development, 2) owner engineering, and 3) various components including Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), E-house, HV MV transformers, switchgear, integrated VPP systems (VPP System/EV Charger), and more.

Our team boasts over 4 GWh of global development and commissioning experience, offering excellent quality owner engineering and technical advice to our customers.

The mission of 1.5C Pty Ltd is to contribute to controlling global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius by creating a worldwide sustainable impact through innovative green energy solutions and strong partnerships with leading companies in the energy industry.

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Areas of Focus

1.5C Pty Ltd operates as owner engineers, providing specialized engineering services for energy projects and technical advisory and agency roles for energy equipment transactions. Reflecting our commitment to sustainable energy development, we specialize in microgrid solutions, including electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Energy Sites Development

    Our comprehensive development services identify, assess, and develop renewable energy sites, leveraging our expertise in site selection, feasibility studies, permitting processes, and project management to unlock the full potential of energy resources and drive sustainable growth.

  • Owners Engineering & Technical Advisory

    Our Owner's Engineering and Technical Advisory services offer expert guidance and support throughout the lifecycle of renewable energy projects, from inception to operation, ensuring optimal performance, compliance, and risk management

  • Solution Design and Optimization

    Our Solution Design and Optimization services tailor renewable energy solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of each client, optimizing system performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness through advanced design methodologies and continuous optimization strategies

  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

    Our BESS solution provides turn-key energy storage technology for both large-scale (Utility Scale) and medium/small-scale (Commercia l& Industrial) projects, enabling customers to play an active role in market trading and grid services. Collaboration with top-tier global battery partners promotes the transition to renewable energy.

  • E-House/ HV MV Switch Gear

    Our specialized prefabricated technology for E-House and HV MV switchgear solutions provides integrated and efficient electrical infrastructure, ensuring smooth power distribution and control while optimizing space and resources.

  • VPP System with EV charger

    Our EV charger solution provides a highly reliable charging infrastructure. This includes Battery Energy Storage Solutions, AC chargers, DC fast chargers, and Site Management System, all of which contribute to VPP System.

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