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Area Of Focus

1.5C Pty Ltd operates as owner engineers, providing specialized engineering services for energy projects and technical advisory and agency roles for energy equipment transactions. Reflecting our commitment to sustainable energy development, we specialize in microgrid solutions, including electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Energy Sites

    Project Cost

    • A$ 9M (5MW AC PV) + BESS (20MW) 

    Connection Point

    • 11KV (in site) & 132KV (4km)

    Land Use

    • Industrial Land (direct lease from Council)


    • 3Q 2023(commencement)

    DA & Grid Connection

    • in progress
  • Owners Engineering & Technical advisory

    Plans and Analysis

    The centralized project analysis team combines commercial and technical analysis to support investment decisions. This advantage is complemented by local market information and connections.

    Plans & Permits

    We are actively managing end-to-end management of the permitting process while leveraging relationships with local stakeholders for collaboration. Unity has the capability to lead all aspects of the permitting and planning process. We adhere to the highest development and E&S standards.



    Our team specializes in contract negotiation, including major OEM and BOP packages. Unity’s construction management capabilities complement those of the client or sponsor engineer, providing a strong independent perspective


    We provide low-cost capital solutions based on in-depth knowledge of project financing products such as corporate bonds, senior project financing, ECA, hedging, etc. Our experience is complemented by relationships with global banks and institutional financiers


    Our senior team consists of respected veterans in the industry, possessing a track record of supporting the development of the renewable energy market by collaborating with regulatory authorities. With a unique understanding of long-term sustainable power requirements, we optimize off-taker and PPA conditions

    Operation and Maintenance

    We can maximize capital efficiency by flexibly utilizing vertically integrated O&M capabilities or third-party providers. We have in-house O&M experts overseeing strategic design and process optimization. We provide in-house capabilities to manage assets throughout their entire lifecycle

  • Solution Design and Optimization

    Our best supports for Solution Design and Optimization

    Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

    Ready-to-use energy storage technology for big (Utility Scale) and smaller (Commercial & Industrial) projects. It lets customers participate in market trading and grid services. Working with leading global battery partners helps shift to renewable energy.

    E-House/ HV MVSwitch Gear

    Our specialized prefabricated technology for E-House and HV MV switchgear solutions provides integrated and efficient electrical infrastructure, ensuring smooth power distribution and control while optimizing space and resources.

    VPP System with EV charger

    Our EV charger solution provides a highly reliable charging infrastructure. This includes Battery Energy Storage Solutions, AC chargers, DC fast chargers, and Site Management System, all of which contribute to VPP System.

    Battery Energy Storage System

    Our BESS solutions harness cutting-edge battery technology to store excess energy generated from renewable sources, ensuring reliable power supply and grid stability even during peak demand periods.

    E-House / HV MV Switch gears

    Our E-House and HV MV switchgear solutions provide integrated and efficient electrical infrastructure for renewable energy projects, ensuring seamless power distribution and control while optimizing space and resources.

    VPP System with EV charger

    Our EV charger solutions facilitate the widespread adoption of electric vehicles by providing reliable and accessible charging infrastructure, tailored to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and public spaces, supporting the transition to sustainable transportation.

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